Motorbikes, Chaos & Beauty – Hanoi, The City That Made Me Fall In Love With Vietnam

By Sidd Sood. Engines, beeping horns, the sound of deep frying food. An elderly Vietnamese lady shouting, pushing her cart full of jack fruit through the narrow streets. The soundtrack of Hanoi will confuse you, as will its unique sights and smells. Your eyes may catch a man on a motorbike, texting whilst riding, with... Continue Reading →


Basketball, Sangria & Tapas – My Short Stay in Madrid

Spanish sunshine, smiling locals and bustling streets. Madrid - a true city of beautiful people with picturesque architecture, a city that never sleeps. It is far wilder than I ever imagined it to be. My short time in Madrid was memorable, a weekend that will stay with me forever. The reason I flew to Madrid... Continue Reading →

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